GPS Managed Vehicle Tracking

Automatic Vehicle Location GPS tracking products, including OBD [On-Board Diagnostics] full-featured Real-Time™ for quick and easy plug-in gps tracking. Our available GPS units are low cost solutions: hardware, software and maps, ready to track — Simple to buy, install, and use!




It’s Easy to Track Your Vehicles!

On this site you will find introduction material based on 20-years working with GPS and vehicle tracking systems. We want to give you information so you can make a knowledgeable product selection. Our experience is that our primary job is to inform you without sales hype. Many find the technology presented is complicated and some times confusing. We hope to make product selection as easy as possible.


How to select a Vehicle Tracking System


Over the past several years, I have sold GPS vehicle tracking devices to small and large organizations. Some wanted to track a few vehicles and others large fleet systems. I wrote a chapter for a technical book to explain GPS Navstar system operations for location services. In the process, I have become familiar with tricks and traps in vehicle tracking and the most common questions prospective user will ask, and the communication issue involved.

What is AVL?

AVL, Automatic Vehicle Location, is a term for determining the geographic location of a vehicle. Vehicles are tracked by placing a GPS electronic device in a vehicle. The GPS satellite system to track vehicles is the global NavStar GPS (Global Positioning System), originally developed by the military. GPS is used by nuclear submarines and field military units, including guiding missiles and artillery shells with pinpoint accuracy. The NavStar GPS satellites system’s information is downloaded to the vehicle’s GPS receiver. The vehicle’s position is ether stored for later analysis or communicate over a cellular network to the home base dispatch, described as either real-time, or log-time®. Units can include OBD GPS, allowing multiple ways to gather a wealth of data of your vehicle.

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Fleet Vehicle Tracking

Here we offer a complete out of the box low cost vehicle tracking system: hardware, software and maps, ready to track. It is simple to buy, install, and use for Fleet Vehicle Tracking. Vehicle tracking is a combination of GPS and GIS with communications links added to track, locate, and log fleet vehicles. An American Trucking Association (ATA) survey found that trucking company productivity gains ranged from 5% to more than 25% by the management of fleets using real-time AVL positioning. Customer service is improved by increased on-time deliveries, and faster response to customer pickup requests using AVL locate and send nearest vehicles functions. Track your fleet from your desktop with a low cost fully featured GIS-based map display and AVL system that allows you to track your vehicle real-time on detailed street maps. Let us show you how easy it is to track your fleet!


Benefits of fleet tracking:


* Locate and send nearest vehicle to customer
* Greater number of pickups and deliveries per day
* Increase on-time deliveries
* Increase number of vehicles dispatcher can manage
* Tracking report documentation
* Lower delivery costs – fuel and manpower



Each tracker purchase will include at no cost a OBD Scan Tool so you can diagnose your vehicle(s). Save time and money on repairs – find out what’s wrong, if anything, with your vehicle prior to going to a repair shop. Works on all 1996 and newer OBDII compliant vehicles.


The OBD Scan Tool comes with a users manual. It also comes with a CD that has the DTC codes and what they mean, so you can see what caused the "check engine" light to come on. You simply plug the diagnostics tool into your OBD port on your vehicle to retrieve the DTC code, then you look up the code from the CD on your computer. It's that simple!


This can save you from having to take your vehicle to a dealer or repair shop and pay them to do this for you. If the problem is simple enough, you can make the repair(s) yourself and save hundreds of dollars!

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