GPS Managed Vehicle Tracking

Automatic Vehicle Location GPS tracking products, including OBD [On-Board Diagnostics] full-featured Log-Time™ for quick and easy plug-in gps tracking. Our available GPS units are low cost solutions: hardware, software and maps, ready to track — Simple to buy, install, and use!



Tracking Key


The location data stored on the GPS Tracking Key® can be accessed by inserting the device directly into your personal computer or laptop via a USB port. The information recorded by the GPS Tracking Key can then ...

Tracking Key Pro


The GPS Tracking Key Pro® is a passive, or log-only GPS vehicle tracking device. Just like the original GPS Tracking Key®, the GPS Tracking Key Pro® is a compact and portable GPS tracking unit that ...

Silver Cloud Sync OBD


The SilverCloud Sync® utilizes the user-friendly SilverCloud® online mapping application platform, but with the added benefits of On-Board Diagnostics (OBD): odometer readings, excessive speed, low ...

Silver Cloud GPS Tracker


SilverCloud® online user friendly web-browser based mapping interface makes it easy to track and locate your SilverCloud® unit quickly and conveniently. With the SilverCloud® online, you can ...


What is AVL?

AVL, Automatic Vehicle Location, is a term for determining the geographic location of a vehicle. Vehicles are tracked by placing a GPS electronic device in a vehicle. The GPS satellite system to track vehicles is the global NavStar GPS (Global Positioning System), originally developed by the military. GPS is used by nuclear submarines and field military units, including guiding missiles and artillery shells with pinpoint accuracy. The NavStar GPS satellites system’s information is downloaded to the vehicle’s GPS receiver. The vehicle’s position is ether stored for later analysis or communicate over a cellular network to the home base dispatch, described as either real-time, or log-time™. Units can include OBD GPS, allowing multiple ways to gather a wealth of data of your vehicle.

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What is OBD?

OBD is an acronym for the term On-board Diagnostics. OBD is a federally required system of all new cars manufactured since 1996. The system was established in order to protect the environment from vehicle damages by setting emission standards. Car automakers used electronics to control fuel and ignition systems in order to meet those standards. And eventually, this became the standard OBD used today. if you want know more about On-board Diagnostics (OBD), see the "What is OBD" page for more details on how OBD works. The EPA standards and practices are implemented by all auto manufacturers. Read the "FAQ about OBD" as posted by the EPA.

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Types of tracking


Log-Time™ GPS Tracking Systems.


Record and capture the complete movement history of vehicles. View historical GPS tracking data in print log, animated street map, and Google Earth.


Real-Time GPS Tracking Systems.


GPS transmitted over cellar network to base software for viewing vehicle’s current locations.