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A message from the owner -


My Experience with a SilverCloud and Tracking Key Installation.


I have been in the GPS industry for 17-years and for some time selling AVL systems. We always test a product to determine it meets specs as well as sharing our hands-on experience with customers.


My first step was to find how robust was data reception and transmission. The system has two internal antennas: GPS and Cellular. I placed the units in a glove compartment and under the dash board. This is an acid test. The celluar signal and the GPS satellite download worked without fault. Some systems fail the communication test, not keeping locked on the data. Silvercloud and Tracking Key worked like a champions. Next I tested the tracking vehicle presentation in the software and smart phone screens, again solid results in tracking vehicles with information feedback. These excellent results are the reason we have confidence you will be satisfied with your purchase.


Richard Lewis, Owner