SilverCloud® Demo

Here you can see a live demonstration of the SilverCloud® real-time GPS tracking system and learn how it works. This demo will give you better understanding of how using GPS tracking can help you to optimize your delivery times and manage your vehicles.

GPS Vehicle Tracking Demonstration

The patent-pending ShareSpot® option is one of the innovative features offered by LandAirSea’s SilverCloud® real-time GPS tracking system and SilverCloud® Sync OBD fleet GPS tracker. With the ShareSpot®, users of the SilverCloud® and SilverCloud® Sync will be able to share their GPS location online in real-time from a website or a Facebook page. The shared online mapping window shows precisely where the vehicle is and how fast it’s traveling, allowing the public to conveniently see its location at any time conveniently from a web-browser without having to contact the user.


The ShareSpot® features is extremely helpful for businesses that rely on the timeliness and efficiency of their service, by giving them the ability to share the most up-to-date GPS location of their vehicles with their clients. With the ShareSpot®, fleet managers and dispatchers will be able to save valuable time, energy and resources by eliminating the hassle of contacting a specific driver, asking where he or she is and then relaying that information back to their customers.


Below is a demonstration of the actual tracking map that you would be using in order to track your vehicles once you purchase any of the SilverCloud® tracking products and a monthly plan. If you have trouble getting the demo to work then you may need to update your computer. Below are links to update your Java and Adobe Flash. If the problem still persists then you may need to adjust your browsers security settings to "Allow Script" or "Run active content". A pop-up window may appear asking if you want to "Allow Script" "Run active content", if this happens then click "yes". You may also want to update your web browser to the latest version before you start tracking. If you are still unable to get the demo to work then the problem may be with your Anti-Virus and Firewall settings.


Adobe Flash Player
Java Update


Log in using the user name and password provided below. Once logged in, utilize the map controls to see live views, historical views and more. If the map below doesn't appear then it may be down for maintenance, so please try again later.


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