Log-Time® and Real-Time™ Tracking

If you are not sure which type of vehicle tracking system would best suit your needs then the information here may help you. If you are still unsure then give us a call and we will be happy to answer your questions.



Differences between Log-Time® and Real-Time™ Tracking


First you need to decide how quickly you want your vehicle’s position and data. Real-Time™ devices show you vehicle position as it happens. Log-Time® devices stores the data for download and viewing on return.


Log-Time® GPS Tracking Systems - No monthly Data Plan required


Record and capture the complete movement history of vehicles. View historical GPS tracking data in print log, animated street map, and Google Earth. This is less costly since it does not require a cellular network charges. Log-Time™ devices store the data on a disk and hold until the vehicle returns to be downloaded on your computer and viewed. Devices in this classification are used for many purposes where time is not an issue. It may be used to see how efficiently a drivers is using his or her time, statistics on the number of stops, or to simply to trace the movement of an individual. Police and investigators use Log-Time® devices.


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Real-Time™ GPS Tracking Systems - Monthly Data Plan required


GPS transmitted over cellar network to base software for viewing vehicle’s current locations The mapping software in the SilverCloud® devices gives you the ability to receive automatic, arrival, departure and low battery alerts via SMS (mobile phones) and email. You can view, locate, and monitor the precise GPS location of vehicle from the convenience of IPhone or IPad mobile devices. The SilverCloud® OBD version provides onboard engine diagnostics.


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Different types of tracking Devices


Log-Time® Tracking devices






Real-Time™ Tracking Devices