Automatic Vehicle Location

AVL is a vehicle tracking system that uses GPS for location positioning, and cellular for data transmission. Track a vehicle using your iPhone, Galaxy, or BlackBerry or straight from your desktop computer. Know where a vehicle is located and its current activities.



What is AVL?

AVL, Automatic Vehicle Location, is a term for determining the geographic location of a vehicle. Vehicles are tracked by placing a GPS electronic device in a vehicle. The GPS satellite system to track vehicles is the global NavStar GPS (Global Positioning System), originally developed by the military. GPS is used by nuclear submarines and field military units, including guiding missiles and artillery shells with pinpoint accuracy. The NavStar GPS satellites system’s information is downloaded to the vehicle’s GPS receiver. The vehicle’s position is ether stored for later analysis or communicate over a cellular network to the home base dispatch, described as either real-time, or log-time™. Units can include OBD GPS, allowing multiple ways to gather a wealth of data of your vehicle. Read More if you want know about On-board Diagnostics (OBD).


Who Uses AVL GPS Products?

Any business that uses vehicles, from a single vehicle to full fleet management, benefits from using an AVL GPS system. A real-time vehicle tracking system can allow a dispatcher to locate the nearest available vehicle to respond to a service call. This highly practical, and time-saving AVL GPS benefit, serves the long-haul truckers, delivery services, couriers, newspaper delivery, fast food catering, and even parents who want to track their teenagers.


Our GPS units are ideal where prompt customer service is critical. Great for use by private and public transportation companies for fleet management, like public transportation for buses, shuttle vans, commercial sanitation, towing services, and even snowplows and street cleaners.


Event planners for large area events can rest assure they'll know where the catering delivery truck, the stage equipment cart, the tour bus, and where the security guard vehicles are located at all times... and all at the same time!


Primary AVL Advantages

A vehicle's GPS data, including vehicle ID, time, speed, and heading of vehicle, can be viewed online, on your desktop computer or mobile device, and is a accurate within 7 feet using our endorsed products. Real-time vehicle data frequency updates are available at 3 second, 5 second, 10 second, and 1 minute frequency updates. Online software, and an app download, including street map layer, shows vehicle icons against specific local streets and intersections.


We can meet any AVL requirement and we cater to all business industries including all general transportation and delivery vehicles, emergency vehicles and law enforcement, utility companies, commercial carriers, TL and LTL, military and logistics, forestry, oil and gas exploration.



Types of tracking


Log-Time GPS Tracking Systems.


Record and capture the complete movement history of vehicles. View historical GPS tracking data in print log, animated street map, and Google Earth.


Real-Time GPS Tracking Systems.


GPS transmitted over cellar network to base software for viewing vehicle’s current locations.